new! turkish fire cookbook

"the weather is getting colder. my father buys a ton of wood and two tons of coal and we hope this will be enough to last all winter. it is time to get the soba ready. our soba sat in the living room. you might call it a pot belly stove, but i call it a top belly stove, with a round opening on the top to feed wood and coal through. my mother would get up early and light the fire and place the çaydanlık – a large teapot – on top, full of water. after that she would prepare the breakfast and get us ready for school.the fire would burn all day to keep the house warm and give us a warm home to return to. at the end of the busy day the fire would burn bright enough to make roasted chestnuts on top for our after dinner treat. mum would be sure to cut a sliver from the nut so it didn’t explode while cooking. when the nuts were brown enough, we had to take them from the soba and peel them hot, to make sure the second skin came away easily. pop them into your mouth and yummmm. in those cold days of winter, fire was part of every turkish home."

turkish fire is a celebration of the vibrant food, culture and people of turkey from passionate native chef sevtap yüce. be transported to the firey, impassioned street food culture at the heart of turkey’s busy metropolis. with a focus on authentic street food and barbecue, turkish fire shows you how to recreate this moreish food in your own kitchen, bringing to life the verve and passion for food that the people of sevtap yüce’s homeland possess. with mouth-watering recipes for morning, noon and night, sevtap takes readers through a day in the bustling markets and stalls of this captivating country. covering street food for every meal, along with salads, sides and sweets, sevtap shows readers how to eat their way through the day, turkish-style – from spicy turkish sausage with baked eggs, to dumplings with garlic yoghurt and paprika butter, and melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon and apple parcels.

the turkish fire cookbook is available from beachwood cafe and nationally, from all good
book stores (published by hardie grant books).


turkish meze cookbook

take a sneak peek at the new turkish meze cookbook and rediscover the pleaseure of sharing good food with firends. from moreish dips and small dishes, to stuffed vegetables, sharing plates and irresistable sweet treats, each recipe showcases the fresh produce and clean flavours that lie at the heart of turkish meze. sevtap trained in the kitchen with international cookbook and television personality bill granger at his iconic cafe 'bills' in sydney, before moving to the northern new south wales town of yamba twenty years ago. looking for a quieter life, sevtap opened her own cafe, the beachwood cafe, which quickly became the must-visit venue for foodies. it maintains its strong following to this day. turkish meze is sevtap's second book, following on from the strong success of her first, turkish flavours, published in 2012.

the turkish meze cookbook is available exclusively from beachwood cafe until October and then nationally, from
all good book stores. photography by alicia taylor extracted from turkish meze by sevtap yuce (hardie grant books).


turkish flavours cookbook

from classics to modern interpretations sevtap has woven her own fresh australian flavours and simplicity into these traditional turkish dishes. sevtap loves nothing more than ‘eating out of the earth’. not only does she cook with the products supplied from her own garden, sevtap sources produce from local farmers. every friday morning she is visited at her seaside café by local grower, kim, and fishermen, bob, who bring her an array of goodies from fresh eggs, lemons, chillies to chickpeas sardines and honey. this brings about a wonderful connection to the community where sevtap shares her hospitality and love for food with everyone that steps foot in her café. this beautifully complied book is for anyone with an interest in turkish food – it is straightforward, delicious and the recipes work every time.

the turkish flavours cookbook is available at beachwood cafe and all good book stores nationally.
all images extracted from turkish flavours by sevtap yuce (hardie grant books).